• Peter Shane
    SVP, Creative Services

Since 2006, Peter Shane has helped build the company’s creative department into a powerhouse, identifying and bringing in key songwriters and catalogs, developing a staff of driven song marketers and establishing insider relationships with creative execs at record companies, film and television companies, advertising agencies, and video game and new media companies.

In recent years, he has moved the company into even closer partnership with media companies, spearheading both publishing administration and creative joint ventures with a number of leading film and television producers and some of the key music supervisors that serve them, giving the Spirit creative department direct input to a wide range of programming. Believing from the start that publishers must play a much more active role in their clients’ careers, Pete helped pioneer Spirit’s brand marketing initiatives, spearheading efforts to draft and execute custom marketing plans focused on strategic licensing, web-based promotion and the cross-promotion of songs and artists in collaboration with media and consumer product companies.

Before Spirit, Pete worked in the International A&R department at Universal Music Publishing and also served formative stints in film and television production and artist management.


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