Kidda's music is positive, joyous, life-affirming, and now very much pure, unadulterated pop. It's still dripping with soul though, which is what marks it out from the disposable X Factor karaoke that litters the charts. "Soulful isn't throwaway," Kidda correctly asserts, "it's political in its attitude, its positivity goes forward rather than being reflective. Its forward thinking nature can be hedonistic as well." Ste McGregor's brother called him Kidda, and the name stuck. He got into hip-hop as a kid, started breakdancing and buying records, and hip-hop became an education for him. "Then you listen to James Brown, and then something else, and you understand where it came from," he says. House music inspired him too: there was a small but dedicated scene for house in Middlesbrough, where he grew up.



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