Wayne K. Garfield


A prolific collaborating songwriter/producer for four decades, Wayne K. Garfield etched a permanent place for himself in musical pop culture as a key contributor to the sound of the vaunted collective known as Change, a group which spawned a series of dance crossover hits and relaunched the solo career of Luther Vandross.

Moments before entering the recording booth, Luther Vandross said to Wayne "I just gotta tell you, man, this is the most beautiful song I've ever sung in my life." This song turned out to be Garfield’s classic track “The Glow Of Love,” which was omnipresent on the club scene in 1980 and refused to go away.  The track got a new life after a cover, several years later by jazz/R&B chanteuse, Randy Crawford, and samples by several prominent hip-hoppers. 

Several years later, “The Glow Of Love” was revived again by superstar Janet Jackson, who remade it into her global smash, “All For You,” the title track from her album and tour which became the Grammy winning, multi-platinum seller and one of the top radio songs of the year. Additional songs that Garfield collaborated on include "Chance" by Candi Staton and "Life Story" by Black Rob.

One of Garfield's biggest achievements wasn't a hit song, it was the coalition that he formed to help songwriters gain the recognition that they rightfully deserve. He decided to start an organization called "Writers Rule!" which soon received acknowledgment from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences Board of Trustees. One of the groups biggest accomplishments was having songwriters recognized at the Grammy Awards by having their names listed as the songwriters on songs that are nominated. Wayne said " I felt that songwriters were more or less an afterthought, because the Recording Academy only recognized a writer's contribution if he or she won as a writer on "Song of The Year" in the various genres, but I'm a firm believer that everything starts with the song and thank God Diane Theriot was receptive to the idea and helped us prepare a proposal. The proposal was pitched to the academy's Awards and Nominations Committee and then ratified by the Board of Trustees. Wayne believed that trophies should be awarded to songwriters and producers just as they were awarded to the Grammy winning performers of the song and he noted "Proper credit must be given to the original producers whose work is sampled. Those songs are sampled for thier git status and isntant recognition and therefore the originator must be honored along with the new producer." Wayne was very thankful that the Board of Trustees found it in their hearts to accept his plee and this was an impactful moment in music history, which gave writers and producers the recognition they rightfully deserved. (Billboard VMA's 2003)

Garfield’s substantial catalog contains numerous R&B covers, including Aretha Franklin’s “Here We Go Again,” dance diva Candi Staton’s “When You Wake Up Tomorrow” and “Chance,” and Roy Ayers’s provocative “2000 Black.”


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