• Catalog Spotlight: Joe Walsh
    Catalog Spotlight: Joe Walsh

Best known for his powerful guitar licks, Joe Walsh has entertained the masses and captivated his peers for more than four decades.

In 1973, Joe released his first solo album which proved him a legitimate solo act with a limitless career on the horizon. 1978's 'But Seriously, Folks...' further extended Walsh's string of solo successes and launched the hit single "Life's Been Good," which remains a standard among his solo performances as well as those of the Eagles. Walsh has recorded 12 solo studio albums, most recently 2012's 'Analog Man.'

In addition to his solo work, Walsh has been a key creative contributor to the Eagles since he joined in 1975. His gritty, riff-heavy style was a huge influence on the band and its seminal album, 'Hotel California,' which featured his iconic guitar duet on the title track and includes his firsty two Eagles co-writes, the hit "Life In The Fast Lane" and the fan favorite "Pretty Maids All In A Row." Walsh went on to contribute "In The City" and "The Sad Café" to 1979's 'The Long Run' and "Last Good Time In Town" to the band's 2007 album, 'Long Road Out Of Eden.'

Joe Walsh was inducted, along with his fellow Eagles, into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1998. He and the Eagles will become Kennedy Center Honorees this December.


  1. Joe Walsh - "Life's Been Good"
  2. Joe Walsh - "All Night Long"
  3. Joe Walsh - "A Life Of Illusion"
  4. Joe Walsh - "Ordinary Average Guy"


  1. Eagles - "Life In The Fast Lane"
  2. Eagles - "Pretty Maids All In A Row"
  3. Eagles - "In The City"
  4. Eagles - "The Sad Café"
  5. Eagles - "Last Good Time In Town"


  1. Joe Walsh - "Over And Over"
  2. Joe Walsh - "Space Age Whiz Kids"
  3. Joe Walsh - "The Confessor"
  4. Joe Walsh - "The Radio Song"
  5. Joe Walsh - "I Can Play That Rock & Roll"
  6. Joe Walsh - "All Of A Sudden"
  7. Joe Walsh - "In My Car"
  8. Joe Walsh - "At The Station"
  9. Joe Walsh - "Lucky That Way"
  10. Joe Walsh - "Family"


  1. Steve Winwood - "Split Decision"
  2. Ringo Starr ft. Joe Walsh - "Fill In The Blanks"
  3. Ringo Starr - "Slow Down"
  4. Ringo Starr - "Bridges"


  1. Joe Walsh - "Life's Been Good [Re-record]"
  2. Joe Walsh - "In The City [Re-record]"
  3. Joe Walsh - "All Night Long [Re-record]"
  4. Joe Walsh - "Ordinary Average Guy [Re-record]"
  5. Joe Walsh - "A Life Of Illusion [Re-record]"


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