• Jason Rezvan
    VP, Advertising

Jason Rezvan joined Spirit as Creative Assistant after graduating from NYU with a Master of Arts in Music Business in 2012.
Now, as Vice President, Advertising, he handles creative licensing for Spirit’s catalog on the commercial side, working directly with music supervisors, ad agencies, in-house and freelance producers, brand managers, production studios, networks, third parties, and more to creatively source music for projects across all media as well as assist in rights clearances and management.

Over the years, he has successfully placed Spirit copyrights in adverts for brands such as Apple, Google, Walmart, T-Mobile, American Express, State Farm, Ford, Ram Trucks, Cox, Xfinity, eBay, Marshalls, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Kroger, Bushmills, Weight Watchers, Dollar Shave Club, Delta Faucet, New Amsterdam Vodka, and MilkPEP, among many others. 

Prior to joining Spirit, Jason received his Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Michigan and completed marketing and publicity internships at Sony Music, World’s Fair Label Group, and Kemado Records.


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