• 90's Nostalgia Mixtape
    90's Nostalgia Mixtape

Strap on your roller blades and grab your Walkman - we're snapping back to the 90's with these bomb tracks!

  1. "Gonna Make You Sweat(Everybody Dance Now)"- C+C Music Factory
  2. "I'm Too Sexy" - Right Said Fred
  3. "Jump Around"- House Of Pain
  4. "You Get What You Give"- New Radicals
  5. " The Cup Of Life"- Ricky Martin
  6. "All Star"- Smash Mouth
  7. "Walkin' On The Sun"- Smash Mouth
  8. "Breathe"- Faith Hill
  9. "Jump On It" - Sir Mix-A- Lot
  10. "Molly (Sixteent Candles)"- Sponge
  11. "I Drive Myself Crazy"- *NSYNC
  12. "Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll) - C+C Music Factory



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