• Catalog Spotlight: The Mancinis on Mancini
    Catalog Spotlight: The Mancinis on Mancini

Enjoy these classic Henry Mancini songs, each handpicked and memorialized by a different family member.

  1. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra And Chorus - "Moment To Moment"
    • ​​"A testimony of the richness of [Henry's] rare gift of melody." - Ginny Mancini (spouse)
  2. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra And Chorus - "It Had Better Be Tonight"
    • ​​"It's fun and inspires me to dance." - Ginny Mancini (spouse)
  3. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - "Slow Hot Wind"
    • ​​"It's so sexy." - Ginny Mancini (spouse)
  4. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - "Fallout!"
    • ​​"It was used in the opening scenes of every episode [of 'Peter Gunn']. For years it was the music you heard when they put you on hold when calling Tower Records!" - Chris Mancini (son)
  5. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra And Chorus - "(I Love You And) Don't You Forget It"
    • ​​"Mancini's hipster mantra. Also known as 'Timpanola.'" - Chris Mancini (son)
  6. Henry Mancini & Chris Mancini - "Sorta Blue (Ibiza Remix)"
    • ​​"This was the tune my father and I most often played together on the piano." - Chris Mancini (son)
  7. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - "Peter Gunn"
    • ​​"When 'Peter Gunn' came out, [Henry] found Monica and I on the street corner selling copies...We were only 7." - Felice Mancini (daughter)
  8. Carpenters - "Sometimes"
    • ​​"The song was created from a note [I] wrote to my parents." - Felice Mancini (daughter)
  9. Henry Mancini & Doc Severinsen - "Solder In The Rain"
    • ​​"[A] very stirring melody and the lyrics are more poignant today." - Monica Mancini (daughter)
  10. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra And Chorus - "Two For The Road"
    • ​​"After I asked my wife to marry me...I played [it] as we danced around our living room, laughing, crying, and feeling the incredible joy of knowing we would stay together forever. There was no other song that would have fit that moment." - Chris Mancini Jr. (grandson)
  11. Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - "A Shot In The Dark"
    • ​​"Still is one of my favorites...Also the theme from the Clouseau episodes titled 'The Inspector' within 'The Pink Panther' cartoon show." - Chris Mancini Jr. (grandson)


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