• Covers, Samples, Remixes & More!
    Covers, Samples, Remixes & More!

Spirit Music Group is hitting you with a collection of some of our best covers, remixes, and songs that contain a sample from the Spirit Music catalog. Enjoy these new spins on Spirit hits!

1. David Bowie - "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (The Who Cover)"

2. Luke Sital-Singh - "Teach Your Children (Graham Nash Cover)"

3. Tori Letzler - "Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper Cover [Heroic Ending]"

4. French Montana - "Bring Dem Things (feat. Pharrell) [Clean] (Samples 'Mingus Fingus No. 2' - Charles Mingus)"

5. Nas - "Made You Look [Clean] (Samples 'Apache' - The Shadows)"

6. Union Turnpike - "Oh! (Samples - 'The Stroke' - Billy Squier)"

7. Henry Mancini - "Moonlight Sonata (Castleman 'Moonlight Destructa' Remix)"

8. The Who - "Join Together (Izzie Twins Unchained Remix)"

9. T. Rex - "Solid Gold Easy Action (DJ Sae One Remix)"

10. Charles Mingus - "Mingus Fingus no. 2"

11. Billy Squier - "The Stroke"

12. Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young - "Teach Your Children (Original Version)"


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